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Nnewi Hey there!

bakeca incontri rav I’m Abhijit  I’m passionate about empowering you to heal and grow by embracing new possibilities so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

http://compagnielessignatures.fr/25-cat/dating_35.html Life is too short to sit back and wait for good things to happen to us, so if you are open to growth, whether it’s through a coaching relationship or Healer I can inspire you to find the courage to step into the brightest version of you.

Almendralejo My spiritual journey of expansion started almost 7years ago , Attracted towards occult science and mystical science since very young age. Learned little astrology Vastushastra energy fields of human body , aura cleaning with chanting mantra to intentions .

After Pranic psychotherapy I was finally able to understand how deeply our interpretation of our experiences affects our reality and how, by changing our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours we can, not only transform our future experiences but, we can positively change every area of our lives.

LOVE ❤️ Abhijit

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