Emotional Healing

http://janrebel.eu/https:/google.com/bookmarks/mark?op=edit Emotional healing can vary from person to person, and as a personal healer I’ve helped clients to gain improvements in all areas of their lives. I use my unique skills to identify root causes and then plan the correct healing treatments as per the needs. My approach is completely different and I work with my clients throughout their healing process.

quite I can help with:

http://www.workmancressgroup.com/2736-dte28972-single-parent-dating-with-instant-chat.html Confidence healing

Difficult personal / professional relationships

Lack of focus, direction 

Low self-worth, low self-esteem, chronic negative thoughts

Mental blockages obstructing creativity, performance and progression

After a treatment you may experience a sense of lifting, like something has been removed, and depending on the intensity of the healing (which can vary from person-to-person) this feeling can be all of sudden , or it can take a few days.

It’s this hand held and managed approach that my clients really enjoy, so if you’d like to know more then please drop me an email, or call me in confidence

The Healing Treatment has the power to improve your overall health and well being. You will feel a sense of having more energy and vitality while the healing is being received and your overall physical healing capacity will also increase through a boost to the immune system.

Emotional Healing



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