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Toxic energy where you live or work and how it affects your health and happiness.

Just like the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body, your home has its own energy field too, which flows through the walls, fixtures, fittings and all the material contents. This energy field can become toxic and blocked because it is affected negatively by electrical equipment, computers, pollution, clutter and particularly the feelings and intentions of people who live there both now and from the past. People living on the land before the house was built also affect the property’s energy field today as do other buildings, electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress and landscape in proximity. Negative emanations from a nearby cemetery, hospital or slaughterhouse can particularly affect the vitality and harmony of a home and occupants.

Listed here are recognised signs or symptoms indicating the energy field in your home or property is likely to be toxic, stressed or blocked and may benefit from Energy Clearing:

  • the property feels oppressive and uncomfortable
  • you feel uneasy in your home, a particular room or part of the house
  • nothing in your life is working – things keep going wrong
  • you are having difficulty selling your property,business or land
  • flared tempers, arguments, upsets, escalating conflict
  • insomnia, sleep disturbance, nightmares, sleep walking
  • waking unrefreshed
  • teeth grinding
  • resistance to medical treatment
  • inability to absorb nutrients from food and supplements
  • allergies
  • feeling rundown and exhausted
  • moodiness depression and anxiety
  • bedwetting in children
  • babies continuously crying
  • inability to conceive

harshly Geopathic stress

“Geo” means earth and “pathic” means disease or suffering. To summarise – the earth is full of natural positive energy lines or rays that support and protect the health and growth of the whole natural ecology of the environment as well as life on the earth’s surface. But over time, positive lines can become geopathic and toxic due to natural and man made reasons.

http://www.casalandia.it/13-cat/dating_20.html Natural reasons

Energy rays become geopathic when natural radiation rising up through the earth becomes distorted by electromagnetic fields that have become weakened by underground running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. If weak magnetic fields rise up through your home, especially where you sleep, they negatively affect the electromagnetic fields and brain rhythms of you and your family and ultimately weaken immune systems. If this goes unchecked in the longer term, people become susceptible to much more serious illness and a disease spiral – ME, cancer, heart disease, diabetes.

site rencontre gay vivastreet Manmade reasons

Positive energy lines and land in proximity also become geopathic due to disruption and scarring from war and violence and cutting and drilling into the land for instance with railways, motorways, tunnels, mines, buried gas, electricity and water mains.

Tougan Electromagnetic stress

Another negative factor in homes and buildings is electromagnetic stress, which is man made, as a result of congestion from a vast electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies that we have imposed on our natural environment. The unprecedented increase in technology, electrical appliances, radio and microwave use and mobile phones we all use daily, create a congestion that is much worse in cities, built up areas, hospitals, big hotels and airports.


Negative emotional energy is dense and moves slowly. It accumulates and causes toxic energy blocks that hamper the flow of the energy field of a home. When geopathic stress lines cross each other or converge with rays of electromagnetic stress in or near where we live or work, they cause toxic energy blocks in the flow of energy field of the building.

Where you sleep

Your health, the harmony of your family, relationships, the flow of abundance and opportunity become affected by blocks or stress lines particularly if they are under or near where people sleep.

The most common symptom people experience early on with exposure to geopathic and electromagnetic stress and blocks is waking up tired all the time or disturbed sleep since moving into a new home. If you or family members are not sleeping well it is extremely worthwhile getting your home checked and cleared.

Energy Clearing for your home and properties

I check for blocks, toxic emotional stress, geopathic and electromagnetic stress using a pendulum and a set of comprehensive charts. I clear the energy and give you before and after readings and relevant advice for keeping your energy and the energy where you live or work clear. See ‘energy clearing‘ to find out more about the different types of clearings available, see the testimonies there and find out how easy it is to schedule.

The message

We are all connected to the earth and in order to be healthy our energy fields have to be in harmony with the energy fields of the earth. If the energy fields become toxic where we live or work then our health and life is affected. The important message in this is that we can help the environment by treating the planet with love. We are entirely dependent on Earth for survival but in our exhaustive quest for progression at any cost we have become so disconnected from nature that we overlook how we are sabotaging ourselves and the magnificent planet that hosts us.

When we start to make even small changes to be kinder to our natural environment we find life or nature returns the favour as part of a cycle of love.

Vastu consultation for Home /Office /Business

 “The Space in which your Live decides what outer Space will offer to you”

 Vastu of your Home, offices and factories affects you and your overall growth to a great extent. If you are living and working in a vastu perfect building, you will definitely convert your actions or karma in to gains and prosperity. But if you have imbalances in the vastu of your home, office and factories, your karma or actions will not support you and despite making hard efforts, you will not get success.

Vastushastra has decoded various cases.in which the clients were having the best products and was providing best after sale service to their clients but still they were not getting gains and success in their ventures because of vastu imbalances in their buildings.

And after the application of vastu remedies at their home, offices and factories, the same clients with same amount of efforts that they were making earlier start getting gains and fulfilment in all their ventures.

This is how Vastu imbalance or Vastu Doshas present in your buildings create hindrances in your Life and blocks the path of your growth and success.

Choose the best consultation packages from below table and get the best Vastu, Astro a Abhijt  or click on the links below to visit Vastu Consultation pages separately.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Healing allows light to come through you and be a light unto the world. When you heal, you help the whole world heal.

Infinitude Self-Care provides various therapies suited to each clients individual needs.

I am an Energy Intuitive Healer and Business Coach. My psychotherapy sessions are different in that once we have had a consultation on what your focus is, I connect to your energy and channel a script by really getting in and finding out the real core issues. I do call upon higher realms to help me with all healings.

I offer many different modalities of healing including Chakra healing, Life change Healing, a session involves energy healing combined with deep healing meditation and psychotherapy healing to clear out stagnant energy, old beliefs and thought patterns and bring the client to a place of empowerment, Deep Intuitive Healing.

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